Regenerative Futures Workshop

Regenerative Futures: Building Communities, Centers, and the New Paradigm 

A workshop on creating a Regenerative Future for those looking to build Communities, Centers, and creating a much needed alternative to the current paradigm. Over the last few months I’ve been helping visionaries and leaders looking to build these types of projects – find their land, including early stage Communities and existing Retreat Centers, getting the best development and consulting teams to get these projects off the ground, Innovative Housing and Hospitality Rooms, as well as looking over decks and proposals to bring in aligned capital and investment into these projects. Nothing excites me more than this! As a connector and someone whose been in international Real Estate and Hospitality for over 15 years, I will be sharing some of the things I’ve learned along the way and practical wisdom to get these dreams turned into realities. We’ll be looking at the important first steps such as: Finding Land, Sustainable Building Solutions, Permitting and Legal considerations, Building a Team, Raising Capital and much much more… Lets co-create the New Paradigm and build a truly Regenerative Future together!

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Interview – Tom Newmark

Tom Newmark on Regenerative Agriculture and Our Future 

A beautiful conversation with Tom Newmark about Regenerative Agriculture, soil creation, carbon sequestration and our path forward as a species on this planet. Tom has been a friend, mentor, and leader in this space as co-founder of The Carbon Underground and board chair of Greenpeace Fund USA, founder of Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Costa Rica a regenerative education center and biodynamic farm, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest their biological preserve that he and a collective have ensured will live green and vibrant for years to come! It’s really mind blowing what an example Tom stands for in this regenerative future we see possible and some beautiful lessons and practical advice given during this interview. For all of those ready to shift from the old paradigm to the new one – let’s do this! Tom lays out a very clear path for us on how that’s possible!

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Interview – Nadav Wilf

Nadav Wilf on Regenerative Hospitality & Land Stewardship 

A nice chat with Nadav Wilf, founder of Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica and Lifestyle Perfected. A longtime friend and fellow Regenerative Hospitality trailblazer, Nadav and I discuss the realities of creating meaningful projects, living and working abroad, Land Stewardship, our sense of adventure and fun. Living the Possibility one beautiful retreat center at a time!
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Interview – Gabriel Saragovia

Gabriel Saragovia on Regenerative Hospitality & Land Stewardship 

A beautiful chat with Gabriel Saragovia, founder of Rio Perdido in Costa Rica, as well as many other incredible hospitality, real estate, and land conservation projects. A close friend for many years, we discuss the realities of creating meaningful projects, our sense of adventure, wellness, and a lifestyle that is truly regenerative. Living the Possibility one beautiful adventure at a time!

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Interview – Dr. Joyce Braverman

Dr. Joyce Braverman on Integration Work & Journaling 

An Incredible interview with Dr. Joyce Braverman, Founder at ReJoyce, Scientist, MD, Therapist, Psychonaut and epic human! An open conversation about Integration work, Journaling, and psychedelics from one of Mexico’s foremost thought leaders in the space @drjoycevb. Grateful for this conversation and for those who want more journaling resources check: for the free PDF download.

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