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Ignite Your Intuition

With Julie Pham

March 12 - 14, 2021


A five-day spiritual retreat focused on intuitive development to kick-start every area of your life.


The importance of developing your intuition has not been stressed enough. Our intuition is the gateway to impenetrable knowledge and absolute truth. It allows us the foresight to improve every area of our life to reach a potential that stretches beyond our imagination.

It is our personalized Google search bar. When we seek answers or inspiration we go to Google and type in whatever query we may have, and information is delivered to our fingertips. Our intuition is the same. It allows us access to a wealth of information that is filtered down to what serves our highest good. If we develop this skill set, it will accelerate personal growth which will better our career, relationships, health, and overall wellbeing.

We are now living in a time period where we can and we should demand more from the world. But that begins with you: your growth, your power, your intuition.

Are you ready to kickstart your life and up-level your gifts?

Join me on this spiritual journey where we explore your gifts that are waiting to be claimed.


  • Exercises to practice your intuition and strengthen that muscle
  • All day access to an intuitive who will be guiding you through every step of the process
  • Understanding of energy and the way it works
  • Connecting to greater knowledge that you never experienced before
  • Access to an online community for support and encouragement
  • To make things JUICIER! An Added Bonus: Access to my 6- month online course that goes through the ins and outs.


Julie Pham
Teacher, Speaker, Intuitive, & Business Consultant  Julie teaches Mindfulness, Intuitive Development, Conscious Business Development. Julie is an international speaker, personal development teacher, and healer. She teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and…
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