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Derose Meditation Retreat

With Ricardo Soares

April 9 - 12, 2021

Dates TBD

Transformative tools to live a more present and purposeful life. 

Immerse yourself in this 3-day weekend retreat filled with experiences that cut right to the chase. Through practices, workshops and classes, you will learn how to increase your energy and vitality, change habits, channel your emotions, and make the right choices. Throughout the years, after working with entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists, we know that real change happens when you not only learn empowering tools but when you implement them in a sustainable way. You will leave this retreat feeling more mindful of your behaviors and actions, preparing you to take charge of your life.

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What the retreat is about:  Consists of interactive workshops and experiences designed for the individual to increase their self-mastery through Mindfulness Design.

We’ve seen people struggle with trying to skip to the bigger picture without first addressing the basics. We teach participants how to improve every aspect of their life so they can achieve their bigger purpose.

Three Pillars 

  1. Stress Management and Wellness

  2. Emotional Intelligence

  3. Intentional Life

What you Get:

  • 1:1 sessions ahead and after the retreat
  • Personal assessment
  • Customized profile and program
  • Remote classes & Course Material
  • Community Access online & in person

What we will teach you: 

  • Change habits and keeping it that way

  • Increase energy, vitality, and focus

  • Channel emotions and thoughts in an intentional way – smart relationships

  • Mindful decision making and how to be discerning

  • Use breathing techniques as a way to manage emotions

  • Discover your life purpose and how to take action and not get sidetracked

  • What resilience and empowerment looks like in your daily life

  • Using guided visualization techniques to bring you closer to achieving your objectives and dreams

  • Meditation to silence your mind and be in the present moment

  • Guided relaxation to recharge your batteries

  • Self-assessment and self-reflection

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Ricardo Soares
Derose Method Teacher, High Performance Coach, & Speaker Ricardo Soares is the co-founder of DeRose Meditation USA. He feels at his best when he helps people thrive and live purposeful…
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