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Regenerative Futures: Building Communities, Centers and the New Paradigm

With Edward Zaydelman

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A workshop on creating a Regenerative Future for those looking to build Communities, Centers, and creating a much needed alternative to the current paradigm.  Over the last few months I’ve been helping visionaries and leaders looking to build these types of projects – find their land, including early stage Communities and existing Retreat Centers, getting the best development and consulting teams to get these projects off the ground, Innovative Housing and Hospitality Rooms, as well as looking over decks and proposals to bring in aligned capital and investment into these projects. Nothing excites me more than this! As a connector and someone whose been in international Real Estate and Hospitality for over 15 years, I will be sharing some of the things I’ve learned along the way and practical wisdom to get these dreams turned into realities. We’ll be looking at the important first steps such as: Finding Land, Sustainable Building Solutions, Permitting and Legal considerations, Building a Team, Raising Capital and much much more… Lets co-create the New Paradigm and build a truly Regenerative Future together! This workshop will be recorded for those who cannot attend the Live Workshop. All proceeds donated to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

Some Topics That Are Covered: 

  • Finding Land – which countries, which regions and how to get going!
  • Developing a Deck – your vision, mission, financials and more…
  • Building the Right Team – consultants, developers, and operations.
  • Sustainable Building – the right building solutions for the people & planet!
  • Permitting & Logistics – from legal considerations, studies, consultants…
  • Capital & Investment – how to bring in aligned capital and raise the money!
  • Regenerative Living & Land Stewardship – how to do this right!
  • Innovative Components – from wellness centers, schools, art space and more.
  • Gettin’ Real – the ups and downs of this pursuit and what you should know! – more info on Tiny Houses, Land, and Consulting – more info on my Background and projects


Edward Zaydelman
My Mission Connect people to the wisdom and tools they need to live their best lives and grow to their potential. For over 20 years I have been using my Journal as…
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