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Date & Time Details: Feb 12-14th

Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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Reintegration | Playa Grande | Costa Rica

February 12 - 14, 2021

Reintegration: Navigating Altered States of the Mind 

A guided journey utilizing plant medicine to recalibrate our nervous system, harmonize our emotions and understand our deepest shadows.

Reintegration is s 3-day retreat that enables us to face and navigate our biggest fears and traumas, providing guidance on how to reintegrate the concept of darkness and shadow within for inner harmony. All of this comes together when we consciously make peace with who we really are.

This retreat is designed to teach participants how to feel into their bodies, how to control the sensations of anxiety and panic that arise, and then reprogram into our core what it means to be stable and balanced. When we have this clarity, we realize that which no longer serves us from our pasts, and that which we need in our present.

These are not ceremonies, these Journeys are a navigation system of technologies working in synergy to create a transformational experience.

This will be a Covid Safe experience, so we ask all participants to have PCR test ahead of coming.


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