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Integrating Altered states of Consciousness

Open Dates

Working with the Unconscious Mind through Symbolism & Creativity

During this workshop we will share different practical tools to integrate profound life experiences and expanded states of consciousness under a sacred context. These tools are for people who want to integrate deep experiences of transformation and change, not only those of  psychedelic context but any profound and transformative experience that one needs to process.

In this Workshop we will be: 

  • Utilizing writing and art as a valuable resource of self discovery during these moments of profound transformation in our lives.
  • Working with the unconscious through symbolism and creativity and give you guidelines to recognize how, where and when the use of master plants can be important.
  • Teaching you how to navigate safely and with intention and clarity during those states as a healing process.
  • Discussing traditional and modern shamanism and the different worlds  and planes that exist by expanding your perception to them and learning later how to navigate among them.
  • Creating a life map, to make a plan of action after your experience so that the lessons and messages you are receiving can be grounding into a practical application in your life and materialized in your current reality.

Learn more about us on: www.zaydel.com & www.susanacortes.com


For those who cannot join live, a recording will be emailed to you.

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