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Date & Time Details: Sunday May 16 4 PM CR / 6 PM EST

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Alternative Living Immersion – ONLINE WORKSHOP

With Edward Zaydelman

Open Dates

We will explore the practical steps to buying land abroad or in nature, building something sustainable and income producing, to live full or part time, and details regarding legal, permitting, timelines, hazards and much more. We will also focus on a few examples in Costa Rica specifically, including the top neighborhoods and eco villages and how to properly see them! 

The calling to leave the USA was something most of his friends and family could not understand. Why would Ed leave such a great place and the ‘safety’ of the US? But there was no denying the feelings that were brewing up inside of him – he was ready for something VERY DIFFERENT. Since that day 12 years ago, Ed tends to his gardens, enjoys producing retreats at his center, and the company of so many incredible friends from around the world which he adventures with around the country.  He advises friends and professionals looking to jump into ‘Alternative Living’ whether for Personal Property or those building Retreat Centers and Regenerative Communities. For the first time, and possibly the last, Ed will walk strangers, along with friends and families through the challenges he faced, and how you can avoid them all! Residency, taxes, tiny homes, buying property, staying safe, raising children, exchange rates, labor rules and so much more! Ed will hold NOTHING back for his friends, family, and well, now you 🙂 Register here for free to watch the video! Much love as you continue your journey to independence and love for mother earth and a new way of living.

Some Topics That Are Covered: 

  • Searching for properties with the right criteria and diligence
  • Building efficiently and quickly without being taken advantage of
  • Residency and citizenship – how does it all work?
  • Finances and accounting – do NOT screw this up!
  • Nightmares and benefits of ‘shared ownership’ – community vs neighborhood
  • Regenerative Living & Sustainability (the real stuff no documentary BS)
  • Moving safely with the least expense
  • Gettin’ Real about life abroad and the reality of the adventure
  • Much much more!

www.livethepossibility.co for more info on alternative living!


Edward Zaydelman
My Mission Connect people to the wisdom and tools they need to live their best lives and grow to their potential. For over 20 years I have been using my Journal as…
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