Your vision is our mission – helping bridge people to an alternative lifestyle both beautiful and accessible.

We’re here to help people start living better lives by helping them find the right place to call home. Providing the right guidance for those looking to take the leap into regenerative communities, sustainable neighborhoods, and revolutionary towns that are shaping the way we now live in the world.

Having a collection of these homes makes the journey easier for those searching for their slice of paradise by allowing them to feel out different areas. It’s also a solution for people looking to rent their home and earn income !

We decided to start in Costa Rica because as it’s a perfect canvas for regenerative living and a model country!

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We have extensive experience with International Real Estate. Whether you are looking for your own property, an eco-village, or land to build a regenerative community or healing center…


Buy a home and have it assembled and installed on your property within two month’s ! Starting at $25,000 USD.
Fully customizable and built with sustainable and local materials.



NOOKLEO: A cluster of sustainably designed homes located inside and around alternative neighborhoods and eco-villages intended to help people experience the benefits of Alternative Living.


Coming Soon! Stay in one of our homes as a guest for a night, a week, or longer – to get a taste of this lifestyle! For owners, NOOKLEO allows you to rent your home while not in use.


My passion is working on projects that push the boundaries of social impact and alternative living – from creative hotel projects and retreat centers to building regenerative communities.

I’ve spent 15 years in Real Estate Development & Hospitality from Costa Rica, Mexico, Europe, USA. I’ve also worked with major individuals, hotel brands & regenerative community developers to help them find the right properties. I really love helping people connect with the alternatives they need and the solutions to step into the life they truly desire.

Through NOOKLEO, a company we recently launched, we build the bridge for people to this life offering tiny homes and real estate opportunities in areas that are abundant, safe and beautiful.

Live the Possibility // Workshop on Alternative Living

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