We have been blessed to work with an amazing collective of teachers and practitioners. We developed a platform for them to flourish and share their wisdom!

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a renowned Sacred Musician, Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher who travels and tours internationally teaching workshops on spirituality and healing and performing his unique and powerful sacred…

Diego Cervantes

My mission is to empower you. Providing you with wellness tools that have a positive impact on your 3 bodies: physical, mental and emotional. Helping you live a more harmonious…

Edward Zaydelman

My Mission Connect people to the wisdom and tools they need to live their best lives and grow to their potential. For over 20 years I have been using my Journal as…

Henri Scars Struck

Henri Scars Struck is a New York based French music composer, pianist & Grammy Award-winning producer. For the last 25 years, he has written, produced and recorded music for artists, films…

Isra Garcia

Marketer, digital transformation & business adviser, speaker, blogger, and educator. Disruption enthusiast and Lifestyle-hacking experimentalist. Principal at IG, Isra was featured for one year as Social Media Today’s Best thinker…

Jesai Jayhmes

Jesai is a master speaker, coach, actor, writer and director who has worked in the field of communications, presentation and performance for 40 years. He has mentored many people from…

Julie Pham

Teacher, Speaker, Intuitive, & Business Consultant  Julie teaches Mindfulness, Intuitive Development, Conscious Business Development. Julie is an international speaker, personal development teacher, and healer. She teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and…

Marcelo Mansour

Originally from Buenos Aires, Marcelo Mansour is a Vibrational Healing & Tai Chi Master. He has a deep passion for music and composing with 25 years experience teaching Tai Chi…

Ricardo Soares

Derose Method Teacher, High Performance Coach, & Speaker Ricardo Soares is the co-founder of DeRose Meditation USA. He feels at his best when he helps people thrive and live purposeful…

Rodolfo Carrillo

Conscious leadership shaman Rodolfo Carrillo – has developed a powerful model for achieving leadership of the fullest potential for organizations of any size. Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique…

Shanti Yaniv

Conscious Living Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Entreprenuer, DJ, Experience Designer Shanti is passion explorer of religions, philosophies, sciences and modern culture. With over 20 years dedicated to teaching and leading people…

Sofia Cambronero

Degree in Physical Therapy from the Santa Paula University.  Certifications in:  • Relaxing, sports and recovery massages  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation  • Functional training and exercise prescription  • Dry puncture to…

Theo Hanson

RESEARCHER / FILM MAKER Theo is a force of nature. He has become a passionate voice for better treatment options in the conventional medical space challenging practicing doctors to accept…

Zain Saraswati Jamal

Zain Saraswati Jamal creator of Jungle Radiance, is an internationally renowned Multidimensional Coach, Yogini, Published Writer, and Raw Vegan Food Alchemist.  Zain’s magic lies in the weaving together the most poignant…

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