Ricardo Soares

Derose Method Teacher, High Performance Coach, & Speaker

Ricardo Soares is the co-founder of DeRose Meditation USA. He feels at his best when he helps people thrive and live purposeful lives. His students come from all walks of life and include olympic athletes, professional racer drivers, CEOs and leaders from around the world. In the past 20 years his focus has been in entrepreneurship and research in the field of Meditation and Mindfulness.

Ricardo Soares specializes in Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath-work and and the Physical Techniques and Methodology know as the Derose Method. The DeRose Method is a comprehensive methodology to achieve high performance in life. To teach this methodology they use a system of physical techniques and concepts to empower their attitudes and mental states.

As a Teacher and founder of the DeRose Method TriBeCa, Ricardo moved from Portugal to New York City to share his knowledge and practice in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. His focus lies in entrepreneurship, conflict management, relationships and overcoming limits as a path to self-knowledge!

Ricardo has been working with the DeRose TriBeCa methodology for the last 15 years and helping clients that need to be functioning at peak performance levels. His students include olympic athletes, professional race car drivers, CEOs, and leaders from around the world.

Events with Ricardo Soares

Derose Meditation Retreat
April 9, 2021

DEROSE METHOD – MINDFULLNESS RETREAT Dates TBD Transformative tools to live a more present and purposeful life.  Immerse yourself in this 3-day weekend retreat filled with experiences that cut right…

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