Edward Zaydelman

My Mission
Connect people to the wisdom and tools they need to live their best lives and grow to their potential. For over 20 years I have been using my Journal as a mirror, a reflection to integrate life’s many lessons, and capture the tools I’ve learned along the way to navigate wisdom and personal growth. I’ve combined the best journaling and self development tools I’ve learned into the SAIL  methodology that allows you to practice and integrate the lessons and learnings in life and apply them in your day to day.
I love to support the teachers, healers, and practitioners  that are the catalyst to transformation reach more people with their wisdom and this Journal, the events and experiences we create, and the centers we build all contribute to that vision becoming a reality.
My Story I’ve been producing events and retreats for the last 18 years, having grown up in New York City, I was organizing everything from 7000 person gatherings to boutique events for celebrities at top venues. But after some years in the fast paced event industry, I realized that a shift was needed and turned to more conscious gatherings.

I started going on retreats, masterminds, joining communities like Summit and Sandbox and then finally I went to Burning Man. So inspired by this next level of experience, I worked there for a year learning everything I could. I spent the next years meeting top doctors, healers, and practitioners of various wellness modalities while visiting the top retreat centers around the world – their wisdom had such a profound impact on my life. I wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge and wisdom as they were the catalyst behind so much of the growth and transformation I saw. And then I decided to make the big move!

I wanted to create a space conducive to the level of transformation we saw possible. That’s when VIDA our retreat center was born! Out of deep desire to prototype better, more abundant ways to live – with a focus on true wellness and longevity and quality of life, we moved to Costa Rica to paint this canvas.

Over the years I’ve consulted international hotel brands, developed a retreat center in Costa Rica, produced unique events around the globe, and worked with top talent in the personal growth and wellness space to impact people’s lives in a positive way! This is what drives me day in and day out.

Events with Edward Zaydelman

Integrative Journaling Workshop - SAIL Method
June 14, 2020

A 2 hour workshop in which we dive deep into a Journaling methodology that allows you to reflect on the larger pattens in life, integrate lessons, track synchronicities and much…

June 30, 2020

The calling to leave the USA was something most of his friends and family could not understand. Why would Ed leave such a great place and the ‘safety’ of the…

Regenerative Futures: Building Communities, Centers and the New Paradigm
September 13, 2020

A workshop on creating a Regenerative Future for those looking to build Communities, Centers, and creating a much needed alternative to the current paradigm.  Over the last few months I’ve…

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